, Chair - King County Democrats

Bailey Stober

Dear Democrats,

It has been an honor and privilege to serve as your Party Chair over the past 16 months. In 2017, we made historic strides within the King County Democrats. After decades of a broken County Party, we began the work of rebuilding our Party. Together, we increased fundraising over 223% compared to the average year over the last decade. We opened our first office space in over a decade. Our office has become a space where we train activists, host phone banks and launch doorbelling days. In our primary races, we won 92% of the races we got involved in! In the general, we won 75% of our targeted races. Most importantly, we won back the majority in the Washington State Senate right here in King County.

In these troubling times nationally, we have built a sanctuary for progress here in King County. 2018 presents even more historic opportunities for us to win local races, take back Congress and expand our majorities in the legislature.

However, in recent weeks I have come under attack from members of our progressive community. It has been alleged that I sexually harassed, harassed and created a hostile work environment for one of my employees. In more recent days, my opponents have added the charge of financial misconduct to the series of accusations lobbed at me. While I take these accusations very seriously, I am dismayed that they have forced a vote of the PCO’s when we have important work to be doing. However, I am looking forward to presenting my case, answering your questions and then getting back to work. We made huge strides in 2017 and I won’t let this distract from the work we must do together in 2018. I hope you will take the time to read my response to their allegations, while lengthy, it will provide you with insight.

Let’s settle this matter and get back to work.

Thank you for your support, friendship and encouragement as we move forward.

In Service,

Bailey Stober, Chair

King County Democrats

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