Dear Neighbors,

I am running for State Representative because I am tired of our communities being an afterthought. While money pours into Seattle and the Eastside, our neighbors are still struggling. The people of the 47th District deserve good paying jobs, affordable housing and high quality schools for their kids. They deserve these things without over the top government intrusion and regulation that is paired with ridiculously high taxes.

I’ve built my career serving the public, first as a state employee in Olympia and then as the Spokesperson for the County Assessor. I haven’t worked in government for long but I’ve been there long enough to know the system is broken and it isn’t serving the families in Auburn, Covington or Kent. Too often those at the top reap the benefits from the hard working people with the least. I’m not going to serve special interests – I am going to serve the families and individuals living in our district.

I’m running as an Independent Democrat because while I agree with the ideals of the Democratic Party, I am not going to let the Seattle establishment call the shots for South King County. I believe we need an independent voice who is willing to put aside the rhetoric, buzz words and partisan political games in order to actually get things done for the people in our district.

I grew up in Kent and currently live in Auburn. I didn’t have much so I’ve done my best to pay it forward to those coming up behind me. I’ve volunteered, supported or donated to over a dozen nonprofit organizations in our community. I founded Kent’s Shop with a Cop program for low income kids and I’ve served on the Board of Directors for both the Kent Kiwanis and the Halo Network Foundation. We need somebody from our community to represent our community in Olympia.

I know folks are tired. Politics is probably the last thing on your mind. The cost of living is going up, the government taxes us at every opportunity they get and you’ve got a family to worry about. But I hope to earn your support and your vote so you have an advocate in Olympia standing up for you and our community.

Looking forward to meeting you and hearing your thoughts.

Respectfully Yours,

Bailey Stober